Studio Teacher Connect provides dance instructors with an easy and effective way to find jobs. Regardless of if you’re searching for full-time employment, or just want to substitute from time to time, Studio Teacher Connect offers the ideal platform.

When you use this tool, you don’t have to waste your time trying to sort through unrelated job listings. We take the time to ensure only relevant, dance-related jobs are posted. This works to your benefit. With our help, your search for a potential position is streamlined, making it easier for you to start working.

What Do We Offer Dance Teachers?

We understand, you want to know “what’s in it for me?” when you use our site. A few of the features offered by utilizing Studio Teacher Connect include:

  • Ability to post your resume and have it found and seen by dance studios nearby and across the country
  • Ability to easily search full-time or part-time dance instruction gigs
  • Find advice, information and resources to help grow and enhance your dance teaching career
  • Ability to find a substitute on the site for a dance class you teach

Our services are going to continue growing and evolving as the need in this community grows, as well. We encourage feedback from you, to let us know what other resources would be beneficial so we can better serve you and your search for dance instruction positions.

How We Bridge the Gap

Right now, there’s a disconnect between studios and teachers. Many teachers and instructors don’t know what the best way is to connect with studios, find positions and post their resume for potential employers to find.

This is where Studio Teacher Connect comes in. With this tool, you have the ability to search for positions nearby, or to post your resume, which allows studios and other instructors searching for substitutes for their classes to find you.

We Find You the Position You Want

There is the option to find teaching opportunities on other websites; however, do you know for sure that these will be a good fit? There’s no way to know this unless you have the information and resources we provide. We are dedicated to helping you have the information necessary to make informed decisions regarding what studio you work for or with.

One of the most unique factors about Studio Teacher Connect is the fact the owners have been in your shoes. As professional dance instructors, they understand the challenges you face when attempting to find new opportunities. The site they designed was created to address these issues and ensure you have the best chance possible of finding the right position, regardless of your experience or area of expertise.

If you want a better, more effective way to find the dance teaching opportunities you need, then Studio Teacher Connect is the right site for you. Try out the platform and see how beneficial its design and setup can be. You won’t be disappointed with the amazing results you experience.