“Holly DeWitt is a passionate and beautiful being. I have the pleasure of knowing her for many years as a dancer, instructor, colleague, and friend. Her work ethic and dedication to her art are unparalleled. As young dancers we quickly understand that perfection is not attainable. However, to live as dancer, we must keep pursuing the unattainable without fear, without regret. No one understands this better than Holly. As her passion shifts from dance to Eastern Medicine, her thirst for knowledge and perfection have not lessened. As an instructor, Holly has clear expectations for her students. When I have asked her to reach out to struggling young professionals, she has always been there. Helping others find a path in what seems to be chaos is an area where Holly excels. As a friend, Holly is steadfast and solid. Her compassion is easily experienced. She is loyal and genuine, excellent qualities for a person you want in your tribe. Holly DeWitt has laid an amazing foundation for her life built on love, patience and tenacity. She has an exciting future ahead.” 

–Maura Landers, former owner of Legacy School of the Arts

Chelsea Koenig is a wonderful person, friend, and colleague. Having worked together for nearly ten years, I have had the pleasure of experiencing the positive energy and commitment Chelsea brings to everything she does. Her skills are innumerable and versatile, spanning the artistic and administrative realms. Of course she is a beautiful dancer and performer, but her initiative and ambition is what makes her the perfect person to run STC.  The site is sure to be a great asset for dance teachers and studio owners, as well as a tool to bring the dance community together. It could not be in any better hands than having Chelsea at the helm. 

-Leigh Murray, Artistic Director for KC Contemporary Dance Company 

“Holly is always 110% invested. Whether it be her work or personal life, she gives it her all, and it shows. I had the pleasure of working with her on many shows, and each one she treated with the utmost importance. Her quality of work shines through in everything she does.”

–Joanne Curry, former Operations Manager of Owen/Cox Dance Group

I am the Artistic Director of Owen/Cox Dance Group, an ensemble of dancers and musicians dedicated to creating and presenting collaborative new music and dance works. Holly was a featured dancer with Owen/Cox Dance Group for 3 years, and her talent and artistry were a tremendous asset to our ensemble. She is a hard working individual, and puts great thought and care into her work. She is a fast learner and always focused in the studio. She has impressive mastery of both ballet and modern dance vocabulary. She’s also a fabulous teacher and is inspirational to her students.

–Jennifer Owen, Artistic Director, Owen/Cox Dance Group

I’m very excited to be a member of Studio Teacher Connect and to have a positive *NEW* resource for hiring, providing opportunities and networking with other dance teachers & dance professionals in Kansas City. Being part of a very unique industry has its challenges and for a long time I have felt there was a huge need for more of a community feel within the greater Kansas City area. I look forward to sharing resources with other dance professionals and having a larger platform to work with in providing opportunities to teachers, coaches and others who graciously share the love of their craft with our young people! 

Thank you, Chelsea and Holly, for leading the way! This is much needed in Kansas City and I support your effort!
–Susan Byrd, Owner of 
Byrd’s Dance & Gymnastics, Inc.