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Tips to Keep Teachers and Students Happy at Your Dance Studio

If you own a dance studio, it’s going to be in your best interest to keep your staff and your students happy. After all, happy students mean ongoing business and happy instructors mean fun and inspired routines. However, it’s often challenging to keep everyone content – especially when you have other responsibilities to deal with.

The good news is, there are a few tips that can help you run your dance studio effectively while keeping everyone happy and eliminating problems and issues before they occur.

Keep Drama in Check

When you run a dance studio, it’s likely you will encounter a few troublesome parents, or even students and teachers, from time to time. They will want say-so in things they have no business being involved in and share their own tips to run your studio. There’s no question this can be annoying and frustrating.

It’s crucial you find a way to handle this drama, as they can lead to other people being unhappy and dissatisfied in the long run. If the issue relates to a parent, don’t make it the teacher’s responsibility to handle them. As the owner of the studio, you are in charge and you need to make sure you establish a positive environment for everyone.

Try discussing the problem and explain what is going on. Also, point out that they are causing an issue that may actually wind up disturbing their child.

Cultivate Inspiration

If you have ever worked a boring office job, then you know how mundane and tedious it can be to do the same thing day after day. If you want to keep students happy, you need to offer variety. If you want to keep your teachers happy, you need to give them a creative license. Allow them to teach their classes in a way they see fit, within the vision and mission of your studio.

It may also be beneficial to organize field trips to various live performances and to foster interaction beyond the studio. Let your teachers pursue activities with their students that go beyond in-studio sessions.

Create Open Lines of Communication

One of the best ways to avoid issues is to discuss them. Regardless of if the issue is with a dancer, teacher or parent, having a conversation – face-to-face – is the best way to resolve the problem. Make sure you emphasize to everyone involved that your studio is a place where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas.

As the owner, you should also make sure you are available. Get to know dance instructors and students by name. The more familiar that people are with who you are, the more likely they will come to you with any problems they have. An open-door policy encourages communication and can go a long way in making sure that everyone is happy.

As you can see, as a studio owner, there are several ways you can keep both your students and teachers happy, while running a profitable business. Be sure to utilize the tips here to do just that.

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